Suresh Ramamurthi, Rutgers University

Suresh Ramamurthi, a doctoral student at Rutgers, was one of the original founding members of Alpha Epsilon Lambda and served as the organization's first president. He did his undergraduate work in India and his graduate work at Rutgers where in 1991 he earned both his MBA and Master of Computer Science degrees. Throughout college Suresh maintained a high profile in student affairs. He was the Graduate Student Association (GSA) president, a member of the United Students of New Jersey and the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) board. Suresh went on AEL's first trip to Russia in 1991 which coincided with the coup. He is actually a resident of the Netherlands where he is employed. Suresh is currently the president of PowerFax, a pioneering company that produces wireless data products. While the main office is in the Netherlands, he is presently visiting a satellite office in New Jersey. Suresh enjoys many hobbies especially golf and tennis. He is widely traveled and when asked what he has done with his life he will say that he's a businessman who travels a lot. His biggest goal is to retire early and enjoy life.

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