AEL President

Dean Madelyn Lockhart, University of Florida

Madelyn Lockhart, Dean of the Graduate School at the University of Florida, is a faithful American visionary. As president of AEL for the next three years, she hopes to promote graduate students developing a presence and an identity of their own on the college and university campuses.

Honors such as magma cum laude, which are used to recognize superior performance by undergraduates, are not used to recognize graduate students.

Further, administrators often give more attention to undergraduates because of the sheer size of their numbers and voice through student organizations. &quotThere needs to be a way to recognize superior performance in graduate students," Lockhart said, &quotand to promote networking."

Dean Lockhart has observed the Graduate Student Councils and the AEL graduate student honorary are positive signs of a movement toward increased graduate student involvement and recognition. To foster such activity, Dean Lockhart offers graduate students at the University of Florida a small stipend for their time spent serving as officers in the Graduate Student Organization. She has also appointed a graduate assistant as a liaison between the Graduate School Council and the Graduate School.

Dean Lockhart has served University of Florida's Graduate School since 1985. She attended Denison University and Ohio State University and holds a Ph.D. in economics. Throughout her career, she has taught in Midwestern and eastern schools, authored over 40 research articles and monographs, served as a consultant to a variety of federal and state agencies, and was tapped into several organizations and societies. Most recently, Dean Lockhart received a Distinguished Alumna Award from Denison University for her contributions to higher education.

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