National Member Application Instructions

To qualify for AEL National Member status, applicants must possess a distinguished record of service as an executive officer of a campus-wide graduate student organization. Applicants must document the accomplishments of the organization under their leadership. Qualified students may apply regardless of whether their campus has an AEL chapter.

The AEL evaluations committee is composed of graduate students with extensive campus and national leadership experience, who have also achieved respectable research and teaching records. It is believed that no more than 2 or 3 students per campus per year will qualify for AEL national membership.

National Fellow Status will be conferred upon the very few National Members whose academic or leadership accomplishments extend to the national arena and include distinguished service to AEL over a period of years.

Each applicant is required to submit the following in his/her petition for membership:

1. Qualification Summary (see Member qualification form) listing leadership and academic accomplishments on a single, legal-size page.

2. Leadership attestation signed by your graduate dean, faculty advisor or affiliate/parent organization CEO.

3. Academic attestation signed by your academic supervisor, college dean, or departmental graduate coordinator/chair.

4. Supplemental Information the applicant may elect to provide other documentation such as a complete resume/curriculum vita, reprints of selected research publications, or similar items.

Completed applications should be mailed to:

Alpha Epsilon Lambda
P.O. Box 1577
LaBelle, FL 33975

Successful applications will be assessed a $15.00 membership fee.  Members will receive an AEL key and membership certificate which, unless otherwise instructed, will be mailed to your college or graduate school dean for presentation at a time and manner to be determined by the dean.  Your graduate or professional school will also have the option to add your name to a permanent cumulative membership plaque available from AEL.

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